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Modular buildings from Liberty Group are certified

Eco Smart Home supports the values and principles of the German Society for Sustainable Building (DGNB) and hopes that, by being a member, it can help promote sustainability in construction. The DGNB has committed itself to making the general public aware of sustainable building methods. For this reason, the DGNB certifies buildings that can provide proof of their sustainability. At Liberty Group, it is not just one building that has been certified; a whole construction system has received the DGNB Multiple Certificate in Gold.

The DGNB certification system for sustainable construction is used to provide an objective description and evaluation of the sustainability of buildings and accommodation. It assesses quality in the wider sense of the term, across the complete life cycle of the building, and considers all the essential aspects of sustainable construction. These cover the six areas of ecology, economy, sociocultural and functional aspects, technical quality, processes and location.

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Ecological quality

Steel, as the basis for modular building construction, is a renewable building material with a closed material cycle and can be recycled up to 100%, which guarantees the sustainability of our resources management. Excellent thermal insulation and construction without thermal bridges ensures optimum energy efficiency for the modular buildings, which further increases sustainability. Renewable energy sources can be connected without any problem.

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Sociocultural and
functional quality

Energy efficiency and superb comfort are achieved through the use of excellent thermal insulation and construction of the modular buildings without thermal bridges. This means that they are warm and comfortable in winter and pleasantly cool in summer – sustainability without waste. The good sound insulation improves comfort even more. Barrier-free rooms and the creation of communication areas along with areas for relaxation promote a positive working and living environment. Thanks to the non-loadbearing interior walls, the room layout can be flexibly adapted to current needs, and the possibilities for changing the use of rooms means that the building is functioning efficiently at all times.
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Technical quality

Modular buildings meet the highest standards of thermal, fire and noise insulation and are produced from quality-tested German branded products. As a new build, extension, extra storey or expansion: Modular buildings can be integrated into the existing building in situ without any problem. When it comes to durability, they are easily the equal of conventionally constructed buildings. In contrast to conventional structures, modular buildings can also be removed without trace.
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Economic quality

Defects are the number one factor driving up costs on site. Industrial manufacture and certified production processes, on the other hand, guarantee the consistently high quality of the modular buildings, which cannot be reached with conventional building methods. The construction time is shortened by up to 70%, allowing early use and giving a faster ROI. Thanks to their easy adaptability, modular buildings are ideal for third-party use and are thus a particularly reliable form of investment.
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Process quality

Modular buildings from Liberty Group are planned on an integrated basis by specialist staff with the constructive involvement of the later building users. Industrial prefabrication using certified processes and by skilled, qualified staff ensures dimensional precision, low tolerances and absolute detail in production and, consequently, consistently high quality. Modular buildings are “built gently”, i.e. the construction site is quiet and clean. LG is pre-qualified as a general contractor and ISO-certified.