// Design grid in modular construction

Room modules for unlimited possibilities

The possibilities for planning using Liberty Group modular construction are almost unlimited, thanks to the flexible room module grid. Modular construction provides room modules that are from 6.50 to 16.75 m long, up to 4 m wide and up to 3.90 m high. The upward limit is defined solely by the ability to transport the room modules, not the grid itself.

The design grid for modular construction allows architects to plan quickly and efficiently. The individual room modules can be nested and combined in any way you like within the grid, as if you were building with Lego. Nevertheless, for modular construction for commercial purposes in particular, we recommend that you reduce the sizes of the individual room modules to the fewest possible different grid sizes for the room modules, for economic reasons.

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// Outstanding properties

Building physics in modular construction

Building physics properties for modular buildings are easily the equal of those offered by conventionally constructed buildings. Fire prevention and sound and thermal insulation meet the prescribed or desired levels in system assembly, ensuring that modular buildings meet the standards valid in each country or region.
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Fire prevention

The country-specific requirements and standards for fire prevention, such as DIN 4102, for example, are met in standardised Liberty Group modular buildings, and fire prevention classes between F30 and F120 can be reached. The results are repeatedly confirmed by ongoing in-house fire tests and by independent reports from reputable fire prevention institutions.

When it comes to thermal insulation, Liberty Group modular buildings naturally meet all the requirements of the relevant country-specific standards with a correspondingly high level of component insulation. Renewable energies such as solar power, photovoltaics or combined power-heat systems can also be integrated into modular buildings without any problems.

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Thermal insulation

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Sound insulation

Liberty Group modular buildings provide very good sound insulation as an integral component of the system. The double-shell wall and ceiling system means that the relevant sound insulation requirements can easily be met. Generally, the sound insulation values measured in the completed modular building are actually much better than the values required by law, both between the storeys and between different rooms on the same level.