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The Liberty Group is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the field of system assembly. From the beginning Liberty Group developed the design principle further, creating sophisticated solutions for permanent Liberty Group buildings based on room modules.

Since the company was founded, over 220,000 system units have left the Liberty Group “room factory”. This amounts to an annual production of a constructed area covering over 200,000 m² – or, measured in materials used, 15,000 tonnes of steel, 75 tonnes of filler, 600,000 m² of plasterboard and over 550 truck loads of insulating materials.

Modular buildings
// Responsibility for our customers

Our Mission Statement

We encourage creativity and the imagination to develop intelligent buildings solutions

Our name stands not only for the high quality of our products in modular construction and for a company that is continuing to develop, but also for our sense of responsibility in our dealings with every aspect of our product: our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.

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// our goals

Improve and Innovate
with the Trends

On the basis of our corporate mission statement, we develop specific goals for each financial year. These corporate goals provide a guideline for every division at Liberty Group and are binding for our day-to-day work. The degree to which they are achieved determines the satisfaction of our customers and thus the success of our company.

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